Let your imagination take the lead!

With your DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 sewing and embroidery machine by your side, there’s no end to what you can imagine and create! Let’s get ready to shine!

Patchwork Chair

Finding decorative fabric that matches your expectation isn't always easy. Why not make your own personalized patterned fabric? The multi-colored Patch-Work Chair features many of the versatile embroideries that are included with the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50. Don't forget the gorgeous 7mm stitches that will add colorful dynamics to your sewing projects.

Lamp shade

Shine a light on your creativity! Personalizing your old lamp shade is a great way to put a spot light on your creative ideas. Show off your personal taste and design skills. Edit and combine the embroideries on screen for that amazing creation. With the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50 you can save your combinations for new and even bigger projects.

Download Sewing Instructions

Designer Topaz™ 50 "Prism" Dress

Feel like a fine cut gem in a prism inspired dress. This dress shows the true benefits of great HUSQVARNA VIKING® features. Aligning multiple set of large embroideries would be very challenging if it wasn't for the Design Positioning feature. And the EXCLUSIVE SENSOR SYSTEM™ gives you full control and great stitch results no matter the fabric being light, thick, bulky or in layers of batting.

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The Sparkling Circular Quilt

Mixing matte and shiny material can give a mesmerizing effect to a quilt. And the cut out circular appliqués gives this wall hanging a fun and artsy twist. A great tool to achieve perfect circular shapes is by using the optional HUSQVARNA VIKING® Circular Attachment. Add decorative rhinestones or large beads for a truly sparkling effect!

Download Tips & Hints Meet the Quilt Artist

Embellished Bib

The decorative Embellished Bib is a fun way to alter and style up your wardrobe! Combine with a dress or a top to add a bit of glamour to your outfit. Perfect way to style from day to night in matter of seconds. The velvet embroidery details and the additional crystals really puts depth and richness to this piece.

Expandable Shopper

This is a deluxe version of the traditional Tote Bag. Zip down and in an instant you have created more room for your shopping. The quilting embroidery and the pipings around the edge gives body to the shopper. Also note the beautiful appliqué/satin stitch made by the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50.

Quick Style Embroideries

Use your imagination and play around with the possibilities of the "Style-Up" embroideries that come with the DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50. The shape and size makes it so fun to work with. We used this one as shoulder patches and for embellishing shoes, but they are excellent for adding eye-catching details on pockets, on an elastic cinch belt or why not embellish it with beads and crystals for a fancy hair decoration - no limits! You can style-up your outfit just minutes before you step out of your home.

The tear-drop earrings are so fun to make you will want them in every color combo! The little eyelets at the bottom create many ways to decorate them even more by adding crystals or attaching shimmering beads. Perfect accessories for any event!