Open Toe Stippling Foot (Floating)

Item #: 412801045

The Open Toe Stippling Foot (floating) is ideal for stitching free motion on print fabrics, or when stippling around pieced or embroidered designs. It gives clear vision for free motion sewing.

Other information

1. Loosen the presser foot ankle screw completely and remove the ankle. Place the Open Toe Stippling Foot (Floating) around the presser bar; attach it with the screw.
2. Thread your machine.
3. Select a straight stitch.
4. Set your sewing machine to Free Motion Floating mode and lower the feed dogs (some machines do this automatically). Note: When the feed dogs are dropped, the fabric is no longer fed by the machine. You must move the fabric.
5. Bring the bobbin thread to the top by taking one stitch. Hold onto both threads and sew a few stitches in place to begin.
6. Maintain a consistent speed and move the fabric in a smooth motion. You are creating the length of the stitch as you move the fabric.

Note: When sewing in Free Motion Floating mode at a low speedthe presser foot will raise and lower with each stitch to hold the fabric on the stitch plate while the stitch is being performed. At a higher speed, the presser foot floats over the fabric while sewing

Not for Opal™ 670 and 650


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