Free motion ruler foot

Item #: 920508096
The Free Motion Ruler Foot allows you to create a beautiful style of free motion quilting in conjunction with your ruler templates.  The perfectly circular shape allows you to sew a constant ¼” away from the edges of your ruler template.  Red markings on the foot indicate the center of the foot, making it easy to line the foot and the ruler up when sewing.  Cutouts in the front and side of the foot make it easier to see right up to the needle.
Loosen the presser foot ankle screw completely and remove the ankle.  Place the Free Motion Ruler Foot around the presser bar; attach it with the screw.
Thread your machine
Select a straight stitch
Set your machine to Free Motion Ruler Foot mode.  The feed dogs will drop automatically.  Note: When the feed dogs are dropped, the fabric is no longer fed by the machine.  You must move the fabric. 
 Place the fabric under the foot and lower the foot.
Bring the bobbin thread to the top by taking one stitch.  Hold onto both threads and sew a few stitches in place to begin. 
Slide the edge of the ruler up to the foot. Place enough pressure on the ruler with your fingertips to gently glide the foot along the edge without the ruler moving. 
Sew along the edge of the ruler.  When near the end, stop the machine, lift the presser foot and slide the ruler into position to continue stitching the design.  
When changing positions, stop the machine, and simply reposition the ruler and stitch in the direction needed to follow the ruler. 


  • 8-9