Overlock sewing machine

Overlock sewing machine: Our overlocks are the perfect complement to your Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. Whether you choose the 4-thread Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 910, 905, 901 or the 5-thread Husqvarna Viking Huskylock 936 with cover stitch, you can add a professional finish and decorative details to all you sew. Best of all, there is a Huskylock priced to fit your budget.

Husqvarna Viking

Our goal is to spread the joy of sewing all over the world!

Husqvarna Viking is a prestigious name in sewing, both as a Swedish Producer of high- quality sewing machines, and as a worldwide organization marketing a complete line of sewing machines and sergers for home use. Founded as a royal arms factory in 1689, Husqvarna Viking has been making sewing machines since 1872.

The mission of Husqvarna Viking is to provide sewers all over the world with inspiration and a wide range of tools that make it easy and fun to sew. We want our customers to associate our brand with innovative, high quality and user-friendly products, and to feel that we support them with creative sewing ideas, inspiration and advice. Our customers are members of the Husqvarna Viking family!

Everything we do conveys the joy of sewing - our products, shops, classes and clubs, our marketing material, our Zig Zag sewing magazine and our web site.

1: Overlock sewing machine
Husqvarna Viking ... overlock sewing machine ...

2: Quilt frame
Combining colors and patterns is just one fun part of quilting. Piecing and sewing to bring your ideas to life is another. The Husqvarna Viking quilt machines give you unique qualities that make your quilting easier. ... Overlock sewing machine ...

3: Embroidery machine prices
Down through the ages, people all over the world have enjoyed stitching embroidery designs to personalize and embellish clothing, table linens and special heirlooms. Early embroideries were stitched by hand. Today any of the Husqvarna Viking Embroidery machines embroider your designs effortlessly. ... Overlock sewing machine ...

4: Sewing machine accessories
On our new Accessory pages you will be introduced to a myriad of accessories designed to make your sewing faster, easier and more professional. ... Overlock sewing machine ...

5: Embroidery designs
The Husqvarna Viking Design Web Shop gives you easy access to thousands of designs that can be downloaded from the internet any time, day or night. You can purchase individual designs or a complete collection as well as special Embroidery Clubs. Flowers, licensed designs, seasonal motifs, large designs and more, all at your fingertips, when you feel the urge to create. We are continuously adding new and exciting designs to our web shop, giving you endless possibilities to create projects. ... Overlock sewing machine ...

6: Quilting equipment
If you are crazy about quilting and curious about embroidery - the Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer II is a superb selection! Quilt Designer II features the exclusive patented Sensor System that gives you unique qualities to make your sewing easier. Included with your machine, are four Stitch d-Cards with a total of 92 attractive stitches plus an alphabet. These cards are made with the latest technology and offer one-touch stitch selection on the large touch screen. You can also purchase more Stitch d-Cards as needed.

7: Husqvarna sewing machine
Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines are designed to be easy and fun to use and to inspire your creativity. There is always a sewing machine to meet your need. If you want a simple, utility sewing machine or a sophisticated sewing designer, Husqvarna Viking has one or more options for you.

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9: Embroidery designs - Husqvarna Viking

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