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A while ago Kerstin and I were at a sewing class with Mikael Svensson, an extremely creative and knowable sewer from Vänersborg, Sweden. We were 13 sewing nerds (I say that with love) who spent mon-fri with nothing but sewing. The set-up was that you could choose from a wide variety of Mikael’s classes or just sew something you wanted help with. We wanted to sew different techniques more than projects so we tried a little bit of everything.
Mikael is very creative and thinking outside the box with a lot of things. He distorts fabric for new fabulous effects with soldering iron, heat gun and air brush.

Here are some pictures of what we did:

Free-motion sewing on water soluble stabilizer
Fabric mosaic with decorative stitches and Double diamond ruler.
A mix of quilts and techniques.
Art pieces created with a soldering iron.


Kerstin - Our skilled sewer. She sews all our samples for campaigns and launches.

The class room

Me and my sewing assistant! :)

Mikael has also created this fantastic quilt for us that you will find more information about here on the website in mid-September. New exciting things are coming!

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