March 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Smocked Quilting

1 mar 2015 Skrivet av Marie Duncan

Make this fun wall hanging with magic smocking! Special Fabric Magic stabilizer and a bit of steam is all you need to make the smocking appears.

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Circular Attachment and a quick visit to the Husqvarna Factory Museum

27 feb 2015 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

A week has passed very quickly. I have been sewing a lot this week, for instance tried the Circular Attachment for the first time. Great fun! I am working on an instruction for the bag on the package. I did have a small visit to the Husqvarna Factory Museum today. I took some pictures to share...

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Anders amplifier cover project.

19 feb 2015 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

This week Anders Gunnarsson (one of my colleagues, that is working as engineer) is sharing a sewing project.  It is fun that there are many people in my office that does sew! Read about how he created the cover here.

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Neat edges on my new dress!

6 feb 2015 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

To have an overlock is a great time saver and it does make the edges look fabulous.  I have sewn a dress this week, and it is looking great both on the inside and outside thanks to the overlock! Take your time to learn how it does work, it is worth it many times over.

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February 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Hearts Desire

1 feb 2015 Skrivet av Marie Duncan

Make this Hearts Desire table runner to add a Valentine flair to your table setting!

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Embroidery with silver Metallic Thread!

19 jan 2015 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

First two sewing projects this year are finished. Great feeling! One new table runner, and a new dress. In addition to that I have adjusted one top that my daughter, cut shorter with a scissor. 

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Happy New (Sewing) Year!

7 jan 2015 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

Wish you will all have a fantastic New Year 2015, with a lot of happy time to to do what you love. Here are some pictures of the outfit for little Morris. He need to wear a  sweater as it is snowy and cold here in Sweden. 

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January 2015 - Free Sewing Project - Zip It Up Bag

1 jan 2015 Skrivet av Marie Duncan

Sew this fun Zip it Up bag to organize all your “stuff”!

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Joy of sewing- joy of giving!

22 dec 2014 Skrivet av Lena Kantis

It is true, we feel joy when we are sewing and it will bring joy to give what we have been sewing! This week, I have been sewing the letters "Joy" and my colleagues have been sewing a lot of small holiday gifts. I have taken pictures of ongoing sewing projects! Enjoy! Hope you will be...

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December 2014 - Gratis sömnadsprojekt - Korthållare

1 dec 2014 Skrivet av Marie Duncan

Sy upp dessa förtjusande kaffekoppar för att ge bort i present till någon som är speciell för dig! Ett presentkort från Starbucks känns tråkigt och opersonligt.

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