DESIGNER EPIC™ Kołdra w trójkąty


Rozmiary 250x235cm sa dostępne na poniższych rysunkach

Zobacz poniżej jak wykonać projekt.

1. Create the Triangular Quilt Block

12 different fabrics are cut in triangles, mixed, matched and pieced into a spectacular color block.

The finished size of our triangles are 4¼" (11cm), a template is available for download.

2. Quilt the Triangles in Different Ways

Use stipple or echo quilting to quilt your triangular blocks. Either quilt the triangles separately or use the quilt technique to create additional patterns.

3. Channel Quilting

Use a straight stitch with the edge quilting guide to get a perfect distance between your quilted rows (we’ve use a 1½" (4cm) distance).

4. Border of Dimensional Stitches

Sew a dimensional stitch, L19, on a 2” (5cm) wide strip of fabric. Then sew it to your quilt!

5. Finish off Professionally

For a professional look; finish your quilt with bias binding. Use matching or contrasting color.

Download Template


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