DESIGNER EPIC™ Skórzana torba




Cut Out All Pieces

Cut out all pieces for the bag according to the measurements in the illustration below. All seam allowances are included in the measurements (sew together using the presser foot width as seam allowance).


Embroider the Front Piece

1. Hoop Stick-on Stabilizer in the DESIGNER™ Majestic hoop, carefully cut and remove the protective paper inside the inner hoop.
2. Place the front piece on the sticky stabilizer, flatten and press to stick the leather to the stabilizer.


3. Start Embroidering


4. Cutwork

5. Attach the hoop again, and place a piece of fabric underneath the hoop.

6. Go backwards in the color block list. Embroider the third color block. Remove the hoop and trim the fabric on the back of the front piece. Turn the hoop and attach it to the embroidery unit arm.

Repeat the above steps to embroider the other side of the embroidery.

Assemble the Leather Strap

7. Take the two long leather strips and place them wrong sides together. Place the wider strip on bottom and the other centered on top. Adjust the width of the leather strips to fit your hooks.

8. Stitch the two layers together using the Non-Stick Glide Foot H and the straight stitch in right needle position. Trim excess leather.

9. Fold the strap around one of the hooks. Riveting the strap together around the hook following instructions included with the rivets.


10. Assemble the Leather Pieces
11. Sew the long sides together.

12. When sewing in leather, you cannot press the seams using an iron. To get flat seams, open the seam, flatten with a hammer, and then glue the seams as illustrated.

13. When the glue has dried, continue sewing the bottom seam (flatten and glue).

14. Form the bottom by sewing the last two seams. Turn right sides out.

Assemble the Lining

15. Place the fabric pieces for the lining (C in the cutting scheme) right sides together. Sew the side and bottom seams. Press.

16. Form the bottom by sewing the last two seams.

17. Sew the two leather pieces for lining top together (B in the cutting scheme). Flatten the seams open and glue.

18. Place the lining top right sides together with the lining as illustrated below and sew together. Fold right sides out, finger press the seam and topstitch.

19. Assemble the Bag

20. Eyelets

21. Cord

22. Tassels

Enjoy Your Bag!


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