Add that extra touch to your wardrobe

19 lis 2013 Wysłany przez Carina Thavelin

I think lace is the perfect way to change an ordinary and kind of boring garment in the wardrobe.

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6D™ Software Newsletter - November 2013

14 lis 2013 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Check out the new look of the 6D™ Software newsletter!

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TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter November 2013

8 lis 2013 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING

TruEmbroidery™ newsletter, filled with tips, techniques and other relevant tidbits to inspire your design process in TruEmbroidery™ software!

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Swedish Holiday Treats

1 lis 2013 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Make you own traditional Swedish pepparkakor, Swedish Saffron Buns or Swedish Glogg . Learn more about how to do it here!

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FREE Monthly Project: Autumn Welcome

1 lis 2013 Wysłany przez Marie Duncan

Welcome friends to your house for all the autumn festivities with our inviting, appliquéd welcome sign.

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