Post-Midsummer dress

28 cze 2013 Wysłany przez Carina Thavelin

One week after midsummer, my silky summer dress is completed.

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June Software Newsletter: 5D™ and 4D™ Cross Stitcher software

26 cze 2013 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING

Did you know you can create cross-stitch embroidery designs and save in many different machine formats?

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20 cze 2013 Wysłany przez Carina Thavelin

Midsummer is Sweden's most popular holiday after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Part of my tradition is sewing a new dress for the occasion.

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FREE Monthly Project - Humbug, Texture and Then Some Bag!

1 cze 2013 Wysłany przez Marie Duncan

Make a textured humbug bag using a crocheted flower design and lots of different feet and techniques. Fringe sewn with the Marking Foot combined with a stretch straight stitch gives a whole new look to texture!

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