Do not post- Three generation shirt quilt!

26 lip 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

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"Three generation shirt" quilt!

26 lip 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

I am quick when it comes to take pictures in the office for sharing with you here on the "Joy of Sewing" blog. Three of my colleagues has been sewing, here you can see what they created! Eva-Britt, Barbara and Kerstin is my catch this week!

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6D™ Software Newsletter - July 2014

17 lip 2014 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING®

In this month's newsletter, see how to create and modify embroidery designs by working with the many tools in 6D™ Embroidery Extra and 6D™ Design Creator. Walk through how to make and personalize one-of-a-kind greeting cards and check out how to view a finished quilt.

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Summer Sale!

15 lip 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

I love sales! It is a good time to buy clothes,jeans and fabrics at a great price. I found a lot of fabric that wanted to come with me home! Here you can see some of the jeans that I have decorated with beautiful embroideries!

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TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter July 2014

10 lip 2014 Wysłany przez TruEmbroidery™

This month we will look at resizing versus scaling and what each option means for your design. We will also share how you can work with backgrounds in TruE™ Studio to view fabrics behind your design and use backgrounds in TruE™ Create to help create an embroidery design.

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