Spot on - animal prints!

30 sty 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

In the office, it is very popular to wear animal printed fabrics. There is not one single day when there is not animal print. To become one in the crowd,  I sew a dress in animal print dress, as well as as a few other things during the last weekend. Let me show you what I made.

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Embroidered ear rings!

16 sty 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

Everybody would love to get a pair of ear rings, especially if they are made to fit a personality, an outfit or just made with a lot of love and creativity. A big bonus is that it is easy to send them in a letter!

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6D™ Software Newsletter - January 2014

15 sty 2014 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Check out the latest edition of the 6D™ Software newsletter!

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TruEmbroidery™ Software Newsletter January 2014

9 sty 2014 Wysłany przez HUSQVARNA VIKING®

TruEmbroidery™ newsletter, filled with tips, techniques and other relevant tidbits to inspire your design process in TruEmbroidery™ software!

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Linnea did sew fun presents

3 sty 2014 Wysłany przez Lena Kantis

My youngest sons girlfriend Linnea did sew a beautiful breadbasket for me in christmas present, in very nice colors, white with print in purple and jade. Small food packages was inside it, and most of it was home made!

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