Convenience for professional results

Relax with modern technology! Never before has overlock sewing been so easy. Discover a new level of convenience with the HUSKYLOCK™ family.


Easy and effortless. No guesswork! The Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature on the HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine instantly sets the best stitch length, differential feed, and thread tension for the chosen stitch and recommends needles and more for perfect results.

Extended Info system

Detailed information at the touch of a button. The extended Info System on the HUSKYLOCK™ s25 machine has three categories - Use, Hint, and Fabrics. It gives you more information on the use of each stitch, hints on how to achieve professional results and fabric recommendations.

Threading Guide DVD

Thread your machine fast and easy. Place the instructional HUSKYLOCK™ threading Guide DVD in your computer. Animated step-by-step instructions will help you thread your machine quickly and easily.

Click here to explore the online threading guide >>


Features vary by model.