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Husqvarna Viking® made possible with the new designer ruby deLuxe sewing and embroidery machine featuring the deLuxe Stitch System.

Embroidery Design
Editing and Resize
Stitch System
Sensor System
Large Sewing &
Embroidery Area

Embroidery Design Editing and Resize

With Design Select you quickly select one or many embroideries for editing and personalization.


New ways to enhance your embroidery experience and make it easier than ever

  • Color change
  • Duplicate designs
  • Add/remove selection
  • Rotate/scale/mirror


Enlarge or reduce an embroidery design to the exact size you need retaining the correct density and fill type.

deLuxe Stitch System

Sew more beautiful embroideries than ever before with less effort. With the unique built-in and fully automatic Husqvarna Viking® deLuxe Stitch System you will achieve stunning stitch results on both sides of the fabric. It allows you to spend more time on the fun, instead of adjusting machine settings and test sewing. Even on sheer materials and with specialty threads like metallic you will get a great result!

Exclusive Sewing Advisor® and Exclusive Embroidery Advisor

Select your type of fabric and sewing technique and the Exclusive SEWING ADVISOR® feature instantly sets everything for you, the EMBROIDERY ADVISOR feature provides recommendations for beautiful embroidery results!

It sets the best stitch, stitch width, stitch length, thread portioning/tension, foot pressure, and sewing speed. It offers suggestions for needle, stabilizer, top and bobbin thread. It also includes additional tips for embroidering with specialty fabrics and specialty threads.

Exclusive Sensor System Technology

The system automatically and continuously senses and adjusts as you sew any thickness of fabric for perfect even feeding.

Sensor foot lift

The presser foot lowers and raises automatically for every sewing technique. There are four positions: down, pivot, up and extra lift. It automatically lowers feed teeth for maximum space to slide thick fabrics and quilts under the foot easily.


The foot senses fabric thickness when you stop with the needle down. Automatic float position for instant pivoting, easy appliqué and quilting. Your hands are free to guide the fabric.


Continuously senses the fabric thick- ness and automatically adjusts the presser foot pressure.

Design Positioning

The Design Positioning feature helps you match your embroideries perfectly every time. It is so easy to place your designs with amazing precision. Make endless designs as large as you would like. The Design Positioning Wizard makes it so easy!

Large Sewing and Embroidery Area

The large sewing area with a nearly 10" (250mm) to the right of the needle makes it easy to sew large quilts, home decoration projects and garments with ease.

You can create and embroider large designs up to14 ¼" x 8" (360x200mm) without re-hooping.

The designer ruby deLuxe sewing and embroidery machine offers a wide array of features to fulfill your heart's desire. The journey begins as you see, touch and customize your embroideries and stitches on the vibrant large interactive color touch screen. Once you start sewing, you will discover more benefits of our leading edge technology, hidden in the heart of the machine – the deLuxe Stitch System.

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