Cecilia (Mother)

4D Professional

Prepare your unique fabric -
4D Fabric Decorator

Embellish fabric with wonderful motifs using your favorite machine embroidery stitches. Create decorated fabric as a full hooping or as an appliqué shape. Create wonderful pieces of heirloom fabric using motifs designed for Wing Needle. Have fun with crazy chenille patches.

With the Fabric Wizard, it only takes a moment. The patterns you can create are unlimited. Use the embellished fabric as cuffs, collars or panels in garments, for home dec projects and so much more.

Design your own motifs, too! Create motifs automatically from your own pictures or edit existing stitches for use in the hoop. Load your background picture, and create. Trace areas automatically or draw Freehand in "tablet mode". The result: a new motif to decorate fabric, or use in 4D Sketch or 4D Design Creator.