Cecilia (Mother)

4D Professional

Amazing design effects -
4D Design Creator

Create a design automatically from a picture, then adjust it with wonderful special effects.

Create a traditional embroidery with Express Embroidery using areas of satin stitch and fill stitches. Trace outlines in a picture using ExpressTrace for redwork and blackwork. Or make borders of running stitch, motifs, satin stitch or appliqué using ExpressBorder.

Create your pictures using the drawing tools and Mini-pics. Filter and improve your pictures, or add interesting effects. Save pictures or send them to the Wizards.

Adjust designs using easy editing features: Navigate around the design with the Filmstrip, convert between stitch types and patterns, and much more.

Amazing fill patterns and techniques – choose from over 250 fill patterns or make your own. Emboss fill areas with personal highlights. Set the start and end points of fill areas, if desired, and use up to 500 holes. Use gradient density to produce beautiful shading effects. Beautiful specialty fill types include Radial, Spiral, Shape fill with 50 shape styles (and motif options), and QuiltStipple fill.

Embellish your designs with the built-in machine stitch motifs, also choose from Universal motifs such as the beautiful Hand Stitches. Create Freehand areas and lines by drawing using the "tablet mode". Jump stitches are added automatically between areas as you draw.