Emerald 183 - Features & Benefits

Computer Sewing Machine
Computer functions save time and make your sewing machine easy to use. Select a stitch and the best stitch settings, such as length, width are set automatically by the computer. Settings can be adjusted as needed. All important information is shown in the Infodisplay.

For everything you need to know to sew. See your stitch before you sew it, recommends presser foot, and more for easy sewing.

83 Stitches and stitch functions
Utility stitches for sewing and mending, tri-motions stitches for knits and reinforcing, and decorative stitches for creative projects.

Adjustable stitch length and width
For specialty sewing you can set stitch width from 0 to 7 mm and stitch length up to 4.5 mm for forward sewing and 3 mm for reverse sewing.

Built-In Sewing Guide Reference Chart
Refer to your built-in Sewing Guide Reference Chart for recommended presser foot, stitch length and stitch width for your fabric type and weight.

One-step buttonhole
Quick and easy repeatable buttonholes with snap on one-step buttonhole foot.

Program up to 80 stitches, letters, and/or numbers into 4 Memories, 20 stitches per memory
Save your favorite stitch sequences for future use in one of the 4 memories.

Alphabet and Numbers
Label, date, sew name tags and program lettering, poems and more with the built-in Alphabet.

Fix function
Touch Fix to stop sewing and tie off any stitches instantly.

Stop function
Touch Stop to finish sewing a complete stitch and tie off automatically.

Mirror image, side to side
Flip stitches side to side for unlimited creative sewing and ease of stitching in the sewing area.

Maintain quality and density of stitches as you set them to sew larger and longer.

Needle Up/Down
One touch sets the needle to stop up or down at any time for pivoting, appliqué, precise sewing and more.

Built-in NeedleThreader
Saves time and eliminates tedious hand threading.

Snap off and on presser feet
Change presser feet quickly and easy for special sewing techniques.

Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
Sew any fabric weight and type with perfect results.

Built-in Ruler
Centimeter/inch ruler on front of machine base measures fabrics, trims and ribbing at your fingertips.

Hard Carrying Case
Protection with pocket for User's guide.

Built in handle and lightweight for portablilty
Easy to set up and take to class.

Rotary Hook System
Smooth sewing with no hassles.

Drop Feed
Easy to lower feed teeth for button sewing and free-hand stippling and embroidery.

Accessory Kit with bobbins, screwdriver, seam ripper, set of needles, 10 presser feet and a quilting guide.