VIP Embroidery System Updates

VIP QuickFont Updates


VIP QuickFont, version 6.12 including VIP QuickFont Character Selector, version 6.0

This update provides the VIP QuickFont Character Selector, which allows you to select an alternate set of characters for the VIP QuickFont program to use when converting TrueType® and OpenType® fonts to embroidery. This is not required for English or Western European Character Sets. This update is only recommended for those who wish to create an alternate set of characters, as there are no other changes to the VIP QuickFont program compared with version 6.1. There is one change compared with previous versions, that is the ability to create a Tajima disk.
You must have a previous version of VIP QuickFont to be able to install the update.
To install after download, double-click on the file in Windows® Explorer and the installation program will start. To use the VIP QuickFont Character Selector, double-click on the CharSetMaker.exe file in your program folder, normally C:\VipEmbroidery.

Download for QuickFont Plus or Professional Plus

Language Filename Download
VIP QuickFont (English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch);
VIP QuickFont Character Selector (English only Program files)
VIPQuickFont612.exe  10,072 KB

VIP QuickFont version 6.1

For Professional Plus owners. To install after download double click on the VIPQuickFont_61.exe file. This will begin the installation program.
To use this software with your Designer I embroidery machine, version 1.41 software is required.
You may need to download the Windows Installer (Instmsia.exe) if requested.

Download for Professional Plus only

Description Language Download
VIP QuickFont version 6.1 English, French, German, Italian and Dutch  16,420 KB
VIP QuickFont Stitch Guide English  4,339 KB
French  4,339 KB
German  4,401 KB
Italian  4,339 KB
Dutch  4,339 KB