VIP Embroidery System Updates

VIP Disk Manager Updates

Users must have original software previously installed before running the update.


Disk Manager version 6.3

For computers using an external floppy drive that have a problem being able to create a Designer I disk. See FAQ #E20 for more details.
This download is only available for owners of Customizing Plus and Professional Plus
To install after download double click on the exe file. The program will be unzipped to C:\VipEmbroidery by default.

Downloads for Customizing Plus:

Language Filename Download
English VipDM_63_E_B.exe  77 KB
French VipDM_63_F_B.exe  95 KB
Dutch VipDM_63_N_B.exe  95 KB
German VipDM_63_D_B.exe  95 KB
Italian VipDM_63_I_B.exe  95 KB


Downloads for Professional Plus:

Language Filename Download
English VipDM_63_E_C.exe  77 KB
French VipDM_63_F_C.exe  95 KB
Dutch VipDM_63_N_C.exe  95 KB
German VipDM_63_D_C.exe  95 KB
Italian VipDM_63_I_C.exe  95 KB