The Exclusive Sensor System

The Designer Series, with the Exclusive patented Sensor System (ESS), gives you unique qualities that make your sewing easier. The Exclusive Sensor Foot Lift, Sensor Foot Pivot and Sensor Foot Pressure let you sew faster and more perfectly than ever before.

Exclusive Sensor Foot Lift

When you begin sewing, the presser foot is lowered automatically for every sewing technique. This means your hands are free to guide the fabric.

Exclusive Sensor Foot Pivot

When you stop, the presser foot is automatically raised to the pivot position so you can turn the fabric.

Exclusive Sensor Foot Pressure

The presser foot automatically senses the thickness of the fabric and moves over seams and varying thicknesses with even pressure for perfect feeding of layers.

Sensor Foot Lift (A, B), Sensor Foot Pivot (C, D), Sensor Foot Pressure (E, F)