Husqvarna Viking Designer SE Update

This update is available to all registered Husqvarna Viking Designer SE owners. You need the Designer SE 3D Embroidery Software CD, (3D Quickfont, 3D Organizer, Computer Connection) which came with your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE installed on a personal computer, running Windows XP. You need to have your Designer SE registered.

If you have not yet installed Designer SE 3D Embroidery Software or registered your Designer SE, insert your 3D Embroidery Software CD, (3D Quickfont, 3D Organizer, Computer Connection) and follow the instructions.

Designer SE update version 11393:

  • When you SET your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE for Sensor Q-foot you can now cancel the Stitch Width Safety to use all stitches with the fantastic new Open Toe Free Motion Spring Foot part number 413 03 76-45.

  • A new free motion straight stitch on the V menu features an increased acceleration and a higher maximum speed developed especially for free motion quilting and stitching with the Fabric Mover with Stitch Regulator! The new increased acceleration of speed is active for V1 and V2 stitches and for all stitches when Free Motion is selected in the SET menu.

  • The automatic tension function in embroidery mode features active top thread tension control for different embroidery stitch types, embroidery stitch lengths, and embroidery stitch direction.

  • More new stitches! Three fun stitches on the Children's Menu, four fabulous Fashion Menu stitches, two exciting Omnimotion stitches and a most requested two step zig zag on the Utility Menu. As suggested by Designer SE owners, Scallop Stitch H33 length has been adjusted to compliment the shorter Scallop Stitch H36.

Plus the great feature of version 10939:

  • Improved function with Sensor Q Foot during embroidery.

How to download

  1. Connect your Designer SE to the computer with the USB Cable. Turn your Designer SE on. Make sure the Designer SE icon at the bottom right of your computer screen is active (active  , not active  ).

    If you don't find the Designer SE tray icon:
    Open 3D Configure. Click on the Send 1 tab and click on the "Designer SE Communication" button.

    If you only have an inactive Designer SE tray icon
    Make sure your Designer SE is turned on and connected to your computer.
    Please Note: You must use the same USB port as when you activated the Designer SE communication at installation.

  2. Connect your computer to the Internet
  3. Open the program 3D Configure (Go to Start/All Programs/3D Embroidery System/3D Configure).
  4. Click on “Smart Update”. You may be asked if your system has a dongle. Answer No.
  5. The program starts searching for the latest update version for your Designer SE and a list with suggested downloads is presented.
  6. Click on "Download" and save the download to your computer.  Note the location saved in.

How to update

Please be aware that all user data (designs and U-menu) will be lost during this update. A power failure during a software update might crash the user disk and a full software update would be needed after this. So, be advised to backup your important files before any software updates!

  1. Turn off your Designer SE.
  2. Double click on the downloaded file to start the installation.

  3. A message window may now pop up. Click OK to continue.
  4. The Designer SE software update program will start. Follow the instructions given on screen.
  5. When the Update is complete yourDesigner SE will automatically restart.