Machine Updates

Dear Designer Customer,

We very much hope you are enjoying the new sewing experience that your Husqvarna Viking Designer brings you. Husqvarna Viking listens, and thanks to suggestions for new features and functions from Designer owners, teachers and dealers, we continuously work on developing and updating its operation and functions.

The update versions now posted on our site include all earlier updates.

Designer SE

• New! Version 11393 (26th March 2007)
Husqvarna Viking engineers are constantly developing the newest features and stitches to add to your Husqvarna Viking Designer SE so your sewing and embroidery will be even more exciting and fun! "You Asked For It" and "Husqvarna Viking Listens"! Many of the new updates were suggested by Designer SE owners just like you!

Designer I USB / Designer I

• New! Version 2.2 (28th of August 2007)
Brand new Sewing Designer Once Again!

Quilt Designer II

• New! Version 1.52 (28th of August 2007)
A new program update for Quilt Designer II och Designer II, named version 1.52, is now available.

Quilt Designer

• Version 1.11
Quilt Designer