Platinum 755 Quilt Key Features

Lots of choices for quilters
You will love the stitches on the 755 Quilt. Like the hand-look quilting stitch for a traditional look, scant 1/4" piecing stitch for perfect piecing, feather stitch for crazy patch, satin stitch for appliqué, and more to quilt and embellish your quilting projects.

Special characters for labeling
Label your quilting projects and keepsakes using upper and lower case letters, numbers 0 - 9 and special characters.

More Memory
Two permanent memories let you save stitches and/or lettering. Save up to 30 stitches per memory. This allows for long combinations and more variations in your decorative sewing.

Needle up/down position for sewing and quilting ease
Touch the Needle Stop Up/Down and your needle will stop down, for ease in turning corners or adjusting your work. The needle holds the fabric in exactly the right place.