Scandinavia 400

- For embroidery and sewing expression

When embroidery has become your passion, Scandinavia 400 is your perfect choice. The Scandinavia 400 handles utility sewing like a dream, but its embroidery features really add a new dimension to your hobby. Use it to put your personal touch on just about anything - with professional quality.


The Scandinavia 400 is computerized and helps you choose the right settings for every stitch, whether for utility sewing or embroidery. Select embroidery with the touch of a button, and the machine's unique build-in technology embroiders your design automatically. You can also use it to mirror, enlarge or reduce motifs for variety of uses.

Find more inspiration in software and designs

Once you have used all the pre-programmed embroideries that come with the machine, new designs can be added. Choose from thousands of motifs from our Husqvarna Viking Embroidery Collection or create your own personal embroidery design using our fantastic 3D Embroidery Software, available as an optional accessory.

With your Scandinavia 400 comes two embroidery cards with several different embroidery designs to get you started.