Scandinavia 300

- If sewing is your form of expression

Want to use your sewing machine to express your personality? Then you want the Scandinavia 300 with the embroidery function! The Scandinavia 300 handles utility sewing like a dream, but its embroidery feature really adds a new dimension to your hobby. Use it to put your personal touch on just about anything – with professional quality.


The Scandinavia 300 is computerized and helps you choose the right stitch, whether for utility sewing or embroidery. Select embroidery with a press of a button, and the machine’s unique built-in technology embroiders your design automatically.You can also use it to mirror, enlarge or reduce motifs for any use.

Instant embroidery!

With your Scandinavia 300 comes an embroidery card with several different embroidery designs to get you started.