Quilt Designer II Quilting Features

Stitch d-Cards

Included with your Quilt Designer II, are four Stitch d-Cards with one-touch stitch selection; Utility Stitches A1, Quilt/Appliqué E1, Block Alphabet 01 and fashion stitches N1. You can also purchase other Stitch d-Cards as needed. We offer a wide range of Stitch d-Cards, including the Quilt/Appliqué E2, with fantastic Crazy Quilt stitches.


One of the Stitch d-Cards that comes with the Quilt Designer II contains an alphabet of upper and lower-case block letters, as well as numbers and special characters. Perfect for labeling and dating your quilts.

Work space

The unique shape of the Quilt Designer II gives you plenty of space. The machine has the longest free arm of any home sewing machine, and the largest work space inside the sewing arm.

Quilter’s Kit

Expand your Quilt Designer II with the optional Husqvarna Viking Quilter’s Kit. It includes everything you need for easy, attractive quilting.

Needle Threader

The built-in needle threader eliminates tedious hand threading.