Winners 2006 - Imagine That!

This year's contest received 116 entries from 18 countries around the world. 50 quilts (48 quiltartists) were accepted from 12 countries.

Here are the four winning quilts from the 2006 competition.

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First Prize


The open front door kind of invites us to take a look inside, which reveals another door and yet another, providing a path for the imagination as to who's living there and who may soon come out - either to pause in the cozy inner yard or continue out to us in the street and disappear in the city.

Second Prize

HELEN GODDEN, Latham, Australian Capitol Territory,  AUSTRALIA

It's midnight and the family is sound asleep, all except young Gavin. Equipped with a torch, his favorite book and a vivid imagination, Gavin's wildest dreams come to life, emerging from the camouflage of a dense jungle, right there in his bedroom. Curiously, the prehistoric fantasies approach their your creator, oblivious but snug under his cowboy quilt. Are these creatures really there in his bedroom or are they just his Imaginasaurus?

Honorable Mention

"August 2005"
BARBARA DORN, Canton, Georgia, USA

In August 2005, my daugther-in-law Rebecca Carner took a photo of her sons, Leo and Toy, on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was a day of brilliant clear skies and sparkling water. Then days later, Hurricane Katrina brought the fury of unbelievable destruction to this very place. Frayed edges, loose threads and missing pieces symbolize the fragility of our lives and experiences, and yet the memory can glow with brilliance in our imaginations.

Judge's Choice

"Springtime Forever"

Springtime is the rebirth of nature and also my own rebirth. During springtime, I enjoy the nature growing, the colors of flowers, the sun shining and giving us warmth. This season gives me strength and allows me to develop new ideas. Why couldn't springtime hold on a little longer?!!