Winners 2005 - Art Takes Shape

Quilt art takes shape piece by piece. For many quilt artists, the creative process is the most joyous aspect of the craft. Creative impulses blend with personal experiences and preferences and unique ideas begin to form.

This year's contest received 150 entries from 16 countries around the world. The 50 finalist quilts will travel to venues on several continents.

Here are the four winning quilts from the 2005 competition.

First Prize

"O'Keeffe at Ghost Ranch"
ANNETTE HENDRICKS, Grayslake, Illinois, USA

Art takes shape when an artist catches the wind of inspiration and channels that power into an expressive work. This quilt is a meditation on that process of inspiration and a tribute to the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. As Georgia stands by the window, contemplating her canvas, the wind...breezes through the open window-touches her hand and breathes life into her creative process.

Second Prize

"Robbery at the Lingerie Boutique"
PAM RUBERT, Springfield, Missouri, USA

Robbery in progress at the Lingerie Boutique on Peek-a-Boo Street. With full support from the local police department, the Chanel No. 5 Live Action News Team is on the scene uncovering the havoc caused by the burglars looting the store. Wanted felon Art Finkelstein can be seen robbing the cash register, and now ART TAKES FORM from the showroom window. More revealing news at ten...

Honorable Mention

ITA ZIV, Pardes Hana, ISRAEL

Just like no one can tell you how to feel when you see the beauty of the sunset, no one can tell you how to live your life. You are the have to design your experiences with your own hands.

Judge's Choice

"We Make A Great Pair"
HELEN GODDEN, PAT GODDEN, Latham-Canberra, Australian Capitol Territory, AUSTRALIA

My mum’s keen eye for precision and my creative ideas, passion for color and free motion quilting, combine with our shared quirky sense of humor to ‘make a great pair.’ No artificial lines surround the pears; instead, complementary background colors define the shapes while the tonal variation within the pears round their individual forms. Each of the 100 squares has its match, for example, nut and bolt. These are things that work together to make a great pair just like my mum and me. Designed and quilted by Helen Godden, pieced by her mother, Pat Godden.