A Voyage of Self-Discovery

The Winners
Here are the five winning quilts from the "A Voyage of Self-Discovery" competition.

1st place Traditional quilts category

“Free Life” by Henk van Kooten, Holland

"During my holiday in Sri Lanka, I got an inspiration from batik. I made a sketch of it and then converted it into a quilt using the traditional block “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”. This quilt is a combination of figurative and abstract art. I have used all my Husqvarna machine techniques in the decoration of this quilt – what a wonderful discovery for me!"

1st place Art quilts category

"Human Nature” by Julie John Upshaw, USA

"In the four months after 9/11 and its tragic world events, I questioned my-self about being a quilt artist. I began to think that making art is just “human nature” and I decided to give that title to this quilt. The colors, pictures, and ideas from the newscasts on television from Afghanistan influenced the images on the quilt. I could not stop thinking about humans living and hiding underground. And that these caves would become graves."

Runner up Art Quilts category

"Moods of me" by Jill Penny, USA

"At nineteen years old this is my first quilt. Therefore making it is an illustration of growth in my artistic talent. It also illustrates the development of mental illness because all the images are pictures of myself drawn during different moods and the experience I have had with the illness over the past few years of my life. The writings are positive, after-treatment thoughts from the end of a journal I kept during a recent stay in a mental ward where I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. "

Runner up Traditional quilts category

“The Round About Way” by Leslie Rego, USA

The title of this quilt has two meanings for me. One reflects the pattern of the quilt, all the circles and paths leading in and out, meandering across the quilt face. The title also reflects my journey as a quilter. It has taken me a long time to free myself artistically, and I have not always taken a straight path. What’s most fun during these explorations is to encounter the unusual, the flourishes, or the adornments to life or artistic expression, which when added to one’s work make for a truly exiting finished look.

Honorable mention

“El Gallo Negro” by Denise Havlan, USA

“El Gallo Negro” (the black rooster) represents a familiar subject for me. It delights in colors that the Indians of the Americas surround and adorn them-selves with. This particular piece meant so much that I revisited it two years after its creation to improve upon it! In applying more refined skills, I discovered how the level of my techniques had progressed over a two-year period and my passion for honoring disappearing cultures is as strong as ever.