Color, Couleur, Colore, Kulör

The Winners

The 2004 Husqvarna Viking annual contest--Color, Couleur, Colore, Kulör-- features color in all its beloved and exciting hues, and the visual drama of the finalists' quilts is both rich and inspiring.
More than 161 quilts were entered in the 2004 contest from 19 countries around the world. The 50 finalist quilts will travel to venues on several continents, carrying with them the message that magnificent art can be created with stitches and thread on the sewing machine much like paint on canvas or a chisel and a block of marble.
Here are the five winning quilts from this competition.

1st prize in the contemporary category
"Colorful Steps"
Therese Bliss. Glendale, Arizona, USA
When I was a child, my favorite color changed every few years. Now, I like them all. This quilt is a celebration of all colors. What interests me most about color is seeing how one interacts with another. In each block I have used colors that blend or contrast, allowing only the value to hold the pattern together.
1st prize in the art category
Inge Mardal and Steen Hougs. Chantilly, France
The idea behind the motif was found on an early morning in a small harbor. The overall muted color base gave a perfect back-drop for the illustration of the difference between man-made colors and those of nature, where wood and hemp is contrasted by paint and synthetic fibers in red and blue
Honorable Mention in the art category
Amanda Onchulenko. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Some compose in sound, others in light. I compose in color. Color lets me sing. It it my language in all its affections of nuance, of syntax and of pronunciation. My joy is most clear in color. Flourish was conceived, composed and colored midwinter, swaddled in a marshmallow landscape in the sanctuary of my studio. It combines my dual passions of painting and quilting. Populated with hardy perennials, my summer garden's discordant abundance is punctuated with poppies. The poppy in its theatrical flamboyance announces its perennial fortitude on every continent of the earth, touching folkloric, remembered sincerely, painted profusely. Here the poppy is painted in warp and weft.
Runner up in the contemporary category
"The Creator's Paintbox"
Ann Horton. Redwood Valley, California, USA

When I think color, I see the natural world. God's incredible gift of beauty astounds the senses as we view creation in the form of ife all over the earth. This quilt was created with a heart of Thanksgiving for the blessings and rich abundance of color in all its many facets and variations.
Runner up in the art category
"Mellow Yellow"
Maija Brummer. Helsinki, Finland

I love colors! My favorite source od color is nature with its flowers, leaves and berries. For some time now, I have had a yellow inspiration. I wished to make an art quilt that would be as yellow as I could make it. Mellow Yellow shows the beauty of autumn when the leaves are falling and everything turns yellow for a short period of time. Colors bring beauty and enjoyment to everyone.