Create your perfect quilt design
Whether you are a frame quilter or an embroiderer, HUSQVARNA
VIKING® QuiltDesign Creator will help you to quilt a masterpiece. Use step by step software wizards to create quilt blocks, design elements or borders for your automated quilter* or embroidery machine**. Create quilt blocks automatically, trace a picture, use the included designs and MiniPics; draw your design or create text.

Automatically create quilt blocks
Create a filled or outline quilt block; the Wizards step you through the creation process. Choose one of nine tessellating quilt block shapes that may be placed at any angle to help piece a quilt; create outline or filled
areas automatically. Optionally, add one of 50 internal shapes as a fill, or outline within a filled block.

Create quilt designs from a picture
Create a quilt block or design element instantly by tracing a picture.

Traditional echo quilting is a snap
Echo any shape or filled design with perfect echo lines. Select from three different styles for a curved or more angular echo. Set your echo lines external, internal or both (outside or inside the area). Set the number
of lines and vary the spacing for your desired result.

Create amazing fill areas automatically
Set any area to fill with traditional quilting patterns such as Stipple, Channel (Parallel lines) and Diamond. Select from Diamond or Square Cross-hatch, or enter your own preferred angles. You can even create
Motif Fill with traditional quilting motifs.

Embellish your designs with special line effects
Set any line to parallel lines or motif line. Set the spacing and number of the parallel lines, or select a beautiful motif to repeat along the line. Categories include candlewicking, flowers and leaves, geometric, pictures and scrolls. You can even create your own motifs!

View designs on actual fabrics or quilt blocks
Show either a quilt block or fabric behind the design within 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator. Move the background for optimum positioning and fade the view if desired.

Easily Rotate or Reflect a basic shape
Use the Multiply Option to create an intricate design. Adjust one area and watch the design change before your eyes.

Fashioning a quilt border is effortless
Set the work area, place one design and “Encore”! The software places the appropriate number of quilt designs to make the border.

Craft a unique phrase
Your 5D™ QuiltDesign Creator software will change it to a quilt design automatically. Create lettering from most fonts on your computer: you can even create text using stipple, crosshatching, parallel or motif fill, or amazing motif outlines!

Watch your design come to life
View designs with the FilmStrip and Zoom bar. See the make-up of your design, and move elements to change the stitching order and look. With the Design Player, see the design path before you stitch!

Edit designs easily
Change any line between standard, parallel and motif. Change any fill between stipple, parallel, crosshatch, motif and echo. Duplicate with a single click! Unlimited Undo and Redo. Choose from US or
metric measurements. The on-screen ruler shows fractions of inches, and you can enter measurements as fractions. See the alternative measurement system when entering sizes.

** Embroidery Machine required.

For more information visit www.5dquiltdesign.com/ and www.hv.5dembroiderysystem.com/