Design beautiful cross stitch embroideries with traditional quality and the speed of a machine!

Create your own cross stitch patterns. Use the pictures as templates or let the Cross Stitcher Wizard create the design for you automatically.
Automatically repeat and reflect your design up to eight times with the amazing Multiply feature. Add personalized lettering: choose from 27 elegant cross-stitch fonts, or create monograms from most TrueType® or OpenType ® fonts on your computer. Over 150 special cross stitches and blackwork fill patterns are included.

5D™ CROSS STITCHER is available from the Internet Purchase Center as an add-on to the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ EMBROIDERY SYSTEM. All features are also included in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ PROFESSIONAL. Either 5D™ EMBROIDERY or 5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA is required before purchasing add-ons from the Internet Purchase Center. (Alternatively it is available in the INSPIRA® 5D™ CROSS STITCHER package, which must be used with an INSPIRA® 5D™ DONGLE.)