Create embroidery charts, quilt blocks and album pages automatically from your own family history!

Embroider information and pictures for each person / family in wonderful PortraitStitch embroideries. Wizards help you create portraits and charts, add lettering, frames and more! Prepare your pictures for embroidery with optional photo enhancements, such as Remove Background, Autolevel and Red Eye Removal. Highlight the most important areas of your photo with the Enhance Focal Area option.
Adjust the density of your portrait for different effects. Enter your own family details or import gedcom files (.ged) from other genealogy software.

5D™ FAMILY TREE is available from the Internet Purchase Center as an add-on to the HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ EMBROIDERY SYSTEM. All features are also included in HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ PROFESSIONAL. Either 5D™ EMBROIDERY or 5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA is required before purchasing add-ons from the Internet Purchase Center. (Alternatively it is available in the INSPIRA® 5D™ FAMILY TREE package, which must be used with an INSPIRA® 5D™ DONGLE.

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