Machine Updates for previous machine models

Updates for previous embroidery machine models


Quilt Designer
• Version 1.11
Quilt Designer
Designer SE
Version 12536_64-1 (March 18, 2009)
For all Designer SE and Designer SE Limited Edition owners. "Husqvarna Viking Listens" and our Software Engineers have made minor changes to the previous software update as a result of feedback from Designer SE owners. This update has all the features from earlier update versions including the great "cut jump stitches" feature.
Designer I USB / Designer I
• New! Version 2.24 (July 3, 2008)
Brand new Sewing Designer Once Again!
Quilt Designer II
• New! Version 1.52 (28th of August 2007)
A new program update for Quilt Designer II och Designer II, named version 1.52, is now available.