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World premiere for Land Before Time heroes – in sewing machines

Several Hollywood heroes are about to have their world premiere, but in sewing machines not on the big screen.

One of the world’s leading sewing machine makers, Viking Sewing Machines AB, is unveiling popular dinosaur characters from the cartoon film ‘The Land Before Time’ after signing a licensing agreement with Universal Studios of the USA.

The figures can be loaded straight into the sewing machine from computer disks special or embroidery cards. Users can then view and modify the various patterns on a display unit on the sewing machine or via a PC. The machine will then embroider the characters onto clothing or material more or less automatically.

“It is a way of personalising shirts, jeans and other clothing,” says Stefan Kjellberg, product director of Viking Sewing Machines AB, who relates how sales of software for sewing machines are soaring year by year.

In the USA alone sales of sewing machines with an embroidering facility have already reached the half million mark.

“It will work on virtually any make of sewing machine, but you may need a conversion program if you do not use one of our products,” says Kjellberg.

These new figures will have their world premiere on 12 April. Viking Sewing Machines AB are already marketing cartoon characters Woody Woodpecker and Rocky and Bullwinkle under the licensing deal with Universal Studios.

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