Quilt Designer Updates

The files for your Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer are easily accessed. Read through the instructions below before downloading.

1. Insert a Personal d-Card in the d-Card
    Reader/Writer unit. Make sure the unit is
    connected to an USB port on your computer.
2. Click on the download file below.
3. An update program will start. Choose to click
    "Open" and then follow the instructions on the
4. Remove the programmable d-Card when the
    update file successfully has been written to it.

After you have successfully downloaded the update files to your d-card, klick on the link below and follow the instructions on How to install the update file to your Designer I.

How to install the update file to your Quilt Designer

1. Download the update Quilt Designer software version
    to your Personal d-Card (see section "Download files"
    explaining how to download).

2. Turn your Quilt Designer off. Insert the programmable
    d-Card loaded with the new software version into the
    d-Card reader on the machine.

3. Get into the update mode of the machine by firmly
    pressing the Sensor Foot down button and the Stitch
    re-start button at the same time. See illustrations.
   With both of these buttons firmly depressed, turn the
    Quilt Designer ON (A).

4. When the memory of the machine is correctly updated
    you will see the text "RESTART" on the display.
    Release the buttons.

5. Turn the machine off and remove the d-Card.

6. Turn the machine back on and check the version
    number. It can be seen in the lower right corner of the
    Welcome menu.

7. Enjoy the new features on your Quilt Designer.

Download User's Guide
The new functions are explained in the User's Guide update file below. The file includes instructions and illustrations. Just click on the pdf download file and print it out and add it to your User's Guide.