Creative wrap for a gift!

28 heinä 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

My colleague Erika, was going to give a present to a newlywed couple. In Sweden we do normally wrap the gift in paper as the gift bags are not available in all stores yet. The only paper she had at...

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Sharing more pictures of what Kerstin did sew for her daughter’s wedding!

21 heinä 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

It is very hot in Greece, we are out by the sea every day and I read a lot of books.  As we have teenagers that are sleeping longer in the morning, I get some time to work on my computer.I am...

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July 2012 Free Project: Endless Floral Table Runner

14 heinä 2012 Lähettänyt HUSQVARNA VIKING ®

All you need is a pitcher of lemonade and a warm summer day to go back in time with our endless floral runner. The old fashioned, hand look embroideries will make our grandmothers jealous!


Maxi dress- best mosquito protection!

12 heinä 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

<p> Maria has inspired me to sew a dress! She did sew a very nice long dress, in a medium weight knit on her overlock. I borrowed her pattern, which is a Burda pattern number 7555. Here is a picture of...</p>

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Summer time and maybe a visit to the beach?

5 heinä 2012 Lähettänyt Lena Kantis

I must admit I love this time of the year. Mainly because of all the daylight hours and the possibilities for more time to visit friends and family and be out door, and at the beach. Next week, I...

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