Lace Angel - Complete Kit (US- Canada only)

Item #: 920 393 096
A little piece of heaven just landed here on Earth!
Create this delicate lace angel that surely will brighten any room. This complete kit includes both heavy weight water soluble stabilizer and 2 spools of embroidery thread. Of course you’ll also get the instructions on how to make this wonderful lace angel. And as if that weren’t enough: you get two extra designs as well!

When embroidering use the following hoops: DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360x200/14.2"x7.9", 200x200 Quilter’s Hoop /8"x8", Standard Hoop 100x100/4"x4" and Do All Quilter’s Hoop 150x150/6"x6".

Sobiv tikkimisraam

100 x 100
150 x 150
200 x 200
360 x 200

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