A Quilt tells a story

Since traditional quilts are usually created for a specific need and many have a social function, most quilts tell a story. A bridal quilt tells one such story, and exists in various forms all around the world.In Sweden, the oldest preserved bridal quilt can be traced back to the 18th century, passed down in the same family. In those days, the fabric was taken from quilted bonnets and shawls brought home from distant countries by their seafaring husbands.
The bridal quilt was made a few days before the wedding, and all the women in the family were involved. The colorful shawls from the bride’s youth could be used for the bridal quilt since she would be dressing in more sober colors, preferably black, as a married woman.New World immigrants brought their traditions with them. The quilt in this picture, a typical star pattern (Touching Stars), is from the USA. It was made as a bridal quilt in 1963 in San Antonio, Texas, by eight women in a family, all gathered round the quilt frame.
Three generations worked together to further the tradition that their ancestors had brought with them from Germany in the mid-19th century. The bride herself, Karey Bresenhan, remembers her grand-mother’s advice: “Now girls, learn to take real pretty little stitches ... because you’re going to wake up every morning of your life and look at them.”