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Decorative tapering
– Turn decorative stitches into extraordinary embellishments.
The tapering feature on the SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt machine automatically reduces the stitch width, stitch by stitch, to create precise corners. You can taper 27 decorative stitches to sew unique embellishments.

More than 100 stitches
– High quality stitches for every technique.
Choose from more than 100 stitches – including utility, quilt, satin, heirloom and decorative stitches. Choose the stitch or stitch number on the easy touch panel and you are ready to sew! Your stitch appears in actual size at recommended settings on the GraphicDisplay.

The SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt machine offers special stitches and features for quilters including stitch positioning for decorative stitches and preprogrammed quilting stitches. SAPPHIRE™ 875 Quilt machine has 175 stitches, including 5 alphabet fonts.

All stitches are shown inside the lid. Stitches marked with blue can be tapered.