Meet our Events Specialists

One of our talented Event Specialists will inspire you with tips and techniques that will take your sewing to a whole new level! Learn new ways to use your Husqvarna Viking® machine and accessories so your projects will reflect all the latest trends in fashion, home decor and quilting.


Alix Graham-Michel

Alix brings substantial talent and experience to her events across the county, and is considered a true artisan. International certifications serve to enhance her natural flair and skill, and her love of sewing has been expressed in widely published leading sewing magazines that feature her work. Her garment creations have been worn by music artists, seen on the international film screen, as well as interior design showcases and boutiques. Love of teaching and helping others find their passion for sewing at events is what drives Alix to travel extensively to events in the U.S., Canada and South America.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Attended Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Certified in Fashion Design, Patternmaking & Clothing Construction from the French Fashion Academy
  • Certified Martha Pullen Instructor

Barbara Bathe

Barbara Bathe

Barbara has a unique theory, one that has proven successful not only in her own sewing and embroidering career, but has translated into the "I can do it" incentive and motivation for her event participants . . . that theory is that everyone needs to make every sewing and embroidery mistake at least once! She feels that every embroidery project is a blank canvas, where the unknown is first tried, then perfected. Barbara loves to learn and master "cutting edge" techniques, designs, notions, and software. Whether it's adding the perfect embroidery design to her quilts, or creating the perfect bag using all the latest notions, she enjoys it all! Barbara has the immeasurable advantage of a 14-year retail career, both selling and troubleshooting machines, as well as teaching. Her reward is making her students feel successful as they move from "blank canvas" to the latest in Husqvarna Viking® and Pfaff® sewing and embroidery machine features and techniques.

Special Training & Accreditations:
  • BS in Education
  • Taught Middle School Industrial Arts
  • Athletic Certification for Personal Training, Physical Fitness, Spinning Classes


Barbara Moore

Barbara's inspiration comes from her love of all things sewing . . . textiles, machines and the wide variety of notions that help her imagination take flight. Inspiring consumers to be as creative as possible is a take-away benefit she inspires at her nationwide events. Barbara has been sewing for over 40 years, enjoys heirloom sewing, home décor, quilting, garment sewing and crafts. Her hobbies outside of sewing include golf, gardening, and sports activities with her grandchildren.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Martha Pullen Certified
  • Sulky Certified


Darlene Guillory

Known for her versatile talent and sincere passion for many areas of sewing and embroidery, Darlene takes pleasure in sharing her vast knowledge and skills. Consumers who attend her events come away with a clear vision of their own unlimited possibilities and opportunities to express themselves through sewing. A plethora of credentials and 50 years of sewing enhance Darlene’s expertise as a professional and personable teacher. Darlene’s personal favorites include heirloom, quilting, appliqué, embroidery and serger sewing.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Credentials include book publication and CD’s, i.e. “Traditional Cutwork Made Easy”, “Crazy Patch Stitches and more”, “Clothespin Angels with your Embroidery Machine”
  • Guest on Houston Public Television, Sewing with Nancy, Martha’s Sewing Room, and America Quilts Creatively
  • Developed and taught creative Quilting Retreat

Certifications: Martha Pullen, Jenny Haskins, Nancy Zieman, Susan Cleveland, Betty Cotton (The Cotton Theory), Mattie Henderson (Quiltsmart), Marti Michell, Linda McGehee, Karen Boutte' (The Quilt Diva), Linda Lee Vivian & Cindy Losekamp.


Darelle Anderson

Darrelle first started sewing garments, then progressed to quilting, and on to the world of machine embroidery. She loves creating unique pieces, using a mixture of techniques and embellishments. Her creative passion fuels her goal of teaching consumers how to get the most out of their sewing and embroidery machine experience. She’s distilled her own expertise and ability into simplified techniques that consumers can learn at events while creating fun projects, and whetting their appetites for more. She believes that a wide variety of sewing accessories, notions and tools come together to produce a final, successfully embellished sewing project. As Darrelle says, “how did we ever do all this before today’s machines!”

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Certified HUSQVARNA VIKING® technician since 2004
  • SVP Embroidery Club teacher since 2003, working with both HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® dealers
  • 2004 winner of Washington State “Make It With Wool” contest
  • 2005 2nd place winner of “Make It With Wool” contest
  • Judge for “Make It With Wool” district level contests
  • Winner of numerous local guild awards for quilted creations


Deb North

Deb brings energy and solid sewing experience to all of her events. Her business background includes over 10 years in retail store management, sewing machine sales and teaching, so she knows the industry inside and out. This vast and broad overview contributes to her ability to impart relevant knowledge to consumers, along with over 40 years of sewing expertise. She loves to combine embroidery with home décor and quilting. Deb’s outgoing nature and generous spirit engage everyone in the joy of sewing.


Deb Yedziniak

After working in retail sewing machine sales, Deb joined the freelance education team in 1997. She is best known for taking hand smocking to the sewing machine. Today many machine models have built-in smocking stitches. She teaches a variety of classes featuring fine sewing and fabulous embellishment techniques. She is also a certified Martha Pullen sewing instructor and has travelled throughout the U.S. teaching heirloom sewing schools. Along with writing articles for national sewing publications she has also produced sewing books, patterns and instructional DVDs. She does hands-on sewing and lecture-demo classes as well as trunk shows that feature samples she has made and samples from her vintage collection. She enjoys teaching and sharing her "top secret" sewing tips while showing customers how 21st century technology opens up a whole new world of sewing that will take their creativity to the next level.


Debra Bohn

Total immersion in the world of sewing is what best defines Debra’s drive and experience. Her knowledge of sewing machines and the industry at large was honed during the last 25 years during which she worked in a dealership. That kind of industry acumen has imbued Debra with a broad understanding of how sewing and embroidery on today’s advanced machines can deliver both confidence and extreme satisfaction to consumers. Fifteen years of traveling and teaching round out her expertise. Her events are sure to captivate and educate consumers in embroidery, sewing, notions and software systems.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Instructor at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo
  • Published in Creative Machine Embroidery, and Cookin’ in Embroidery
  • Contributor to Keeping the World Sewing projects


Diana Cedolia

Diana loves to merge the “how to” of using machines with the inspiration of software. She knows all the techniques and tips to produce incredible projects, whether garments or crafts or home décor. When it comes to knowing the serger, Diana is the ultimate go-to sewer, and has created many serger projects for her events. Over 30 years of sewing as well as current knowledge of software applications ensure that Diana will provide consumers attending events with the technology and skills they need to succeed.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Certified in 5D Software
  • Co-authored the successful “Simply Teach Me” series of DVD tutorials for 3D, 4D and 5D embroidery software


Gail Dodson

Beyond her love of sewing, beyond her love of embellishment with embroidery, Gail loves to teach and help others discover their creativity. Her reward is in the happiness she sees on the faces of all her SVP event participants at the end of the day. For over 40 years Gail has been perfecting her own skills, and passing that knowledge on to other sewers. Twenty two of those years were spent as an officer in the Air Force. She is an award-winning expert in digitizing and custom embroidery. Her specialties include 5D Embroidery Software, 5D Quilt Design Creator, and automated quilting. Gail loves clothing construction, quilting, designing and creating tote bags, and automated quilter design creation.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Certificate in Clothing & Textiles
  • Award for Creative Use of Embroidery Software (2006)

Gail Nelson

Gail Nelson

Gail is in love with adventure . . . the adventure of machine embroidery and all the possibilities sparked by today's top-of-line HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines. She believes that those "possibilities" are the key to consumers' motivation in learning all they can about the features of our sewing and embroidery machines. Ever since getting hooked on machine embroidery herself, Gail has applied her talents to quilting, clothing construction, home décor and crafting. She also has a solid sewing machine retail background, and was active in a store software club, both developing the club as well as teaching hands-on. Gail's obvious love of sewing, her energy, and pure excitement are the ingredients that deliver a fun atmosphere and sales success in her events.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Certified in 6D™ Embroidery Software & TruEmbroidery™ Software
  • Certified in all HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines

Gail Nelson

Gail Kellogg

Gail is a passionate teacher, and has shared her fascination for sewing with consumers for over 30 years. Her former retail and educational roles have given her a deeper perspective when leading all the fun and instructional SVP events she travels to nationwide. She has sewn and taught many projects focused on heirloom quilting, piecing, home décor, vintage doll wardrobes using the original patterns, children's clothing and felting. Gail finds that creating a fashionable garment, creative home project, or handmade gift is one of the most highly satisfying crafts for home sewers at any skill level, and loves to show her event attendees how anyone can accomplish that on today's sewing and embroidery machines.

Special Training & Accreditation's:

  • Margaret Islander Industrial Shortcuts, tailoring and pattern drafting
  • Certified Martha Pullen Instructor
  • Professional Interior Decorator
  • Former Jenny Haskins teacher
  • Teacher at Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington


Gina Hodges

Gina’s main creative focus is her love of quilting, and inspiring that love in others. That passion takes the form of teaching consumers to explore their own creativity through the world of sewing. And, what better form of creativity than the special world of dolls where her unending imagination can take flight! Gina has been designing and constructing dolls since she was in high school, and she now owns hundreds of doll patterns. She also loves machine embroidery to dress up clothing or as part of her quilts. Other specialties include linens and household items.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Accredited Jenny Haskins Tutor and Educator
  • Certified in Home Interior Design, Business Management and Upholstery


Karla Herrin

Karla loves to share her ideas, her wealth of experience, and her passion for sewing and embroidery during her many events across the country. She positively glows when presented with a challenge or exciting new technique, quickly learns and masters it, and then loves to show everyone else how to do it. Karla’s enthusiasm for sewing is apparent in her television sewing shows and web video productions. It’s this same enthusiasm that consumer respond to during her events, and they leave knowing they’ve learned some valuable techniques and tips, plus exciting new information. She likes to sew everything, including heirloom, garments, decorative stitching and embroidery.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Jenny Haskins training
  • Sulky Certified

Karen Charles

Karen Charles

Karen is a bona-fide talent in her field, with 25 years of experience in not only the art of quilting, embroidery, couture sewing and crafts – but the retail business side of the industry as well. Her 13 years managing a sewing machine store give her a unique perspective into the forces that drive success for dealers. Karen is renowned not only for her expansive knowledge of both HSUQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines and 6D™ Embroidery Software, but for her enthusiasm in sharing that knowledge with others. Her teaching methods make even the most complicated task achievable for all students. Whether novice or experienced, Karen's event participants consistently learn new and unique methods to achieve beautiful results.

Special Training & Accreditations:
  • Certified in 6D™ Embroidery Software & TruEmbroidery™ Software
  • Certified in all HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines


Katrina Walker

Katrina is a preeminent force in the Northwest textile and sewing community, and is accomplished in many areas of creative design, sewing, embroidery, and quilting. She loves a challenge and the fun of experimentation with seams, construction and embellishment techniques. Twenty eight years of sewing have gained her prominence and recognition. Her accomplishments are only exceeded by her enthusiasm and infectious passion for sharing her in-depth knowledge with other sewers. Katrina loves apparel sewing, home décor designing and sewing, machine embroidery and piecework projects. When she is not home tending her own small flock of naturally colored sheep that produce high-quality handspinning fleeces, she is out on the circuit of events, shows, fairs, and further study.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor
  • Washington State Clothing & Textile Advisor
  • Graduate level training in Textile Science & Fashion Theory
  • Training in Patternmaking & Fashion Illustration
  • Faculty Member, The Silk Experience
  • Former Vocational Educator, Family & Consumer Affairs
  • Former Raw material Liaison for Nordstrom Product Group & Product Development Consultant to REI
  • Clothing Judge for Washington State Grange 4-H Fair
  • “Make It With Wool” Competition, Washington State 4-H Fashion Revue Championship
  • Judge, Western Washington Fair Sheep to Shawl Competition
  • Adult Ambassador, National Make It With Wool Competition (2004)


Kothy Hafersat

Kothy has been a sewer and quilter all her life, starting early at the age of 5 in her grandmother’s bridal business. Kothy’s extensive background in designing and writing quilt patterns, combined with her experience in machine embroidery software training, make her a valuable educator at the many events she teaches across the country. Kothy’s creative expertise extends to garment sewing, embroidery, knitting, tatting, weaving, drawing, and painting.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • College courses in fashion design, pattern drafting and computer graphics programs
  • Co-owner of a quilt pattern company


Linda Van Winkle

Linda focuses the full strength of her commitment and savvy experience in every SVP event she leads, challenging herself to inspire participants' success. Her events are charged with excitement and fun, and consumers take away advanced knowledge and new found confidence in themselves and their machines. Linda utilizes her sewing skills acquired through years of experience, combined with her naturally persuasive personality, to help sewers understand that they, too, can produce awesome results with the aid of today's machine technology. She loves all kinds of sewing, and has a versatile range of sewing and embroidery skills.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Business & Sales Training, Westlake, Ohio


Lisa Rogers

Lisa believes in spreading the love of quilting! At the age of five, her mother put a basket of thread in her lap and a needle in her hand, and that early start launched Lisa into a rewarding and productive career. She has an intensive 18-year background in quilting, starting with her instruction under Linda Taylor where Lisa perfected her freehand and trapunto quilting skills, and completed her instructional certification. She has been a professional quilter for many years during which time she was contracted to custom quilt and show quilts at various quilt shows. Lisa has taught piecing, freehand and automated quilting. Her warm, funny and engaging personality guarantees a first rate experience for anyone attending one of her events . . . whether they’re a beginner or an accomplished quilter.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Linda Taylor long arm training and certified instructor
  • A professional quilter for over 4 years
  • Dance and theater costume maker
  • Owned and operated a clothing company that made authentic clothing from the 1800’s


Marsha Kirsch

Greatly loved for her enthusiasm and lively presentations, Marsha incites fantastic results, whether from the masterful technical skills she teaches or the inspiration that sewers take away from her events. She imparts an empowering “can do” attitude when instructing in the use of advanced machines and new software . . . opening up wide doors to creativity, and fun ways to embellish projects with exciting results. Customer “smiles” at the end of her events are her reward. Marsha enjoys creating and designing garments, purses and home décor projects. When selecting a pattern or design, she finds unique ways to give them an individualized creative touch, especially through embellishment.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • America Sews with Sue Hausman
  • Behind the Seams, Pfaff internet sewing program

Patti Buhler

Patti Buhler

Patti is a gifted quilter, and accomplished in longarm machine quilting, machine embroidery, machine embroidery digitizing, fabric embellishment, thread painting, needle felting, and quilt and garment sewing. She has taught nationally at the Machine Quilter's Exposition, Home and Machine Quilting Show, and Machine Quilters Showcase. While having attained expert status in these skills herself, Patti prides herself in teaching to all levels, from beginners to advanced sewers and quilters. Patti's goal is to instill a sense of wonder, accomplishment, and unlimited potential in each and every event participant who wants to know more about our HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® longarm and sit down quilting machines. She makes classroom experiences fun, while leading every event participant to express their creativity. Patti believes everyone needs to make a little art.

Special Training & Accreditations:
  • BS in Education, Master's in Educational Technology
  • Teacher at Machine Quilter's Showcase, Machine Quilter's Exposition, and Home Machine Quilting Show and numerous other national and regional shows, and quilt guilds
  • Published in "Machine Quilting", Collector's Edition


Soni Grint

Soni has successfully combined her great love of embroidery machines with her love of computers as an educator at events around the country. She has a long and distinguished career in the sewing machine industry, having not only participated in the creative aspects of hands-on sewing and embroidery, but also on the management/software development side of the international sewing community. Her extensive experience has provided her with skills and knowledge that she enjoys sharing at her events. Soni considers sewing and embroidery on today’s advanced machine to be an adventure of the highest order.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Former Global Product Manager of Husqvarna/Viking and Pfaff Software Departments
  • M.S. Optical Physics/Computers
  • Attended Viking Sewing Machines Product Council, Husqvarna, Sweden

Susan Ford

Susan Ford

Susan has a wealth of skills, talents and experience that she loves nothing more than sharing. She feels that, while she is very, very good at teaching the knowledge involved in sewing and embroidery, it’s the confidence to use that knowledge that is what she excels at leaving with an event class. If she can do it, she can teach someone else to do it . . . and it’s that “ah-ha moment!” look on her students’ faces after teaching a new technique that Susan lives for. There’s another aspect of her design and color theory background that provides an interesting perspective on today's advanced HUSQVARNA VIKING® and PFAFF® sewing and embroidery machines: Susan used to search for the perfect fabric with just the right colors – Now, using her embroidery skills and 6D™ Embroidery Software, she can create an unlimited supply of unique fabrics that’s just right! It’s that awareness and inspiration that she conveys to class attendees! Her specialties include: Large, continuous embroidery designs with multiple hooping and precise positioning; Home dec projects like quilts, duvets, pillows, valances and box seat cushions; Tailoring, costumes and period dresses, especially with heirloom sewing techniques.

Special Training & Accreditations:

  • Personally trained by Norman McKeague Foster
  • Attended Ray Vogue School of Fashion Design
  • Won Best of Show for Embroidery at The Road to California
  • Won Best of Show Combined at HMQW
  • Degree in Interior Design