Timeless Table Heirloom

Create a stunning, vintage-looking classic table runner using heirloom stitches and Madeira appliqué. A beautiful center embroidery completes the look; a timeless treasure to add to any table!

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Sewing Supplies:
Clear ¼” Piecing Foot (Item #413927447)
Sensor Q-foot (Item #413192045)
Clear Open Toe Foot (Item #412914145)
Clear B Edge Joining Foot (Item #413058445)
DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360x200mm (Item #412944501)
INSPIRA® topstitch needle, size 90 (Item #620071896)
• 1 yard linen
• ¾ yard silk organza
• ⅜ yard cotton batting
• 3 yards cotton lace, ⅜” - ½” wide
• 30 wt. cotton thread for embroidery
• 60 wt. sewing thread
• Bobbin thread
• Water soluble thread
• Chalk wheel or fabric marking pen
• Straight pins
• Scissors and thread snips

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