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The Revue MultiWave SuperFont is now available as a free download from the 5D™ Purchase Center. Use Smart Update in 5D™ Configure to download version 9.5 of the 5D™ Embroidery System, including:

  • Design Optimizer can now be used with cutwork designs.
  • 5D™ Stitch Editor Plus is included, as an add-on option. To use this module a Product Activation Code is required.
  • HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER RUBY deLuxe™ is available in the Machine Manager and Send options.
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Lena Kantis
Hi Ardith Waldon! Please contact Machine support at:
Tollfree: 1 800 446 2333.
Monday- Friday 8:00 am -4.00 pmCST or contact
5/9/2016 2:54:33 AM

ardith waldon
i have lost my machine info when it died and i had to refresh, where do i find the info again?
4/11/2016 2:35:16 PM

Carolyn Morgan
The only problem I've encountered so far with Windows 10 is that the 5D editing screen does not open up completely unless you open it through 5D Organizer. Hopefully, they will come out with an update soon. It's been more of an inconvenience than a problem.
3/23/2016 7:17:10 PM

Is he 5D embroidery system compatible with Windows 10?
3/13/2016 2:09:34 PM

jan cretella
i have customizing plus for my designer 1 machine. when i changed my computer to windows 10 the dongle will not work. How can i use this software with windows 10
1/1/2016 12:18:26 PM

Kathy Ramus
Does 5D work on Windows 10
12/26/2015 9:38:54 AM

P Chupp
my computer had to be back to square one and I can't find my CD but I have my dongle what do I do?
12/21/2015 9:43:05 PM

Nancy Carrico
I have a new computer. Downloaded my 4D embroidery disk but the dongle driver did not install. Is there some where I can download that driver? or What can I do to still use my embroidery program? Thanks for your help! Nancy
10/18/2015 10:12:45 AM

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