Midsummer is Sweden's most popular holiday after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Part of my tradition is sewing a new dress for the occasion.



Posted by Carina Thavelin

Tomorrow we have a huge holiday in Sweden, I say huge because it's the most popular holiday after Christmas and New Year’s Eve. So on Friday, we all, if we have the possibility,  travel to the countryside.

The celebration of midsummer is actually a pagan tradition and was in ancient times a festival of the summer solstice. Today it means we eat a smorgasbord with a large selection of pickled herring and other type of finger food. The dessert is always strawberries in some way; Strawberries with whipped cream or strawberry cake. We dance around the maypole and wear flowers in our hair. If you want to read more you can find information on Wikipedia

So of course I want a new dress for this. It’s a bit tricky because the weather is kind of cold and you might have to change into something else in the evening. But for me it’s part of the tradition. This year I’m leaning towards wearing a dress I sewed some time ago, but only wore once. Actually the zipper broke (learning; always use best quality zippers) and then it has been hanging in my closet. You know how that happens…. I have a whole section of clothes hanging in my sewing room that needs some kind of fixing.

The dress is made in turquoise raw silk fabric. I cut strips on the bias that I sewed to a foundation dress made in more stable fabric. For the final touch I embroidered a lace with a heavy cotton thread. This one is from the #233, Bobbin Lace collection. I really love the fact that you can embroider your lace in any color possible to match your fabric and project. I really love turquoise.

But you never know…Midsummer isn’t until tomorrow…I might sew a new one…

Kram Carina


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Carina Thavelin
Hi Pam,
We had a lovely Midsummer. The weather was nice so we could be outdoors playing games etc. My team won of course! :) A lot of good friends, and my dog, enjoying the Swedish summer.
7/9/2013 4:18:06 AM

Pam Morrow
I love your dress, Carina. How did the Midsommar celebrations go?
7/2/2013 6:10:30 PM

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