Sew What? with Karen Charles - Design Positioning Part 1

Posted by Karen Charles
In my previous post, I introduced you to this beautiful embroidered quilt by Marsha Morse. You can find this embroidery design in the Premier+TM Ultra Bonus designs, in the Geometric & Scroll folder.  It is called Diamond Tile.  The design can also be found in the HV Moroccan Tile Collection if you have that. 


To recreate Marsha's quilt you will need a yard of black fabric. Before starting the embroidery, you first need to visualize how the designs will be laid out. To do this, place a square ruler in the middle of your fabric. Draw the outline of the square using an erasable or iron away pen. Next, draw diagonal lines, vertical and horizontal lines as shown below.  Extend the lines beyond the square.

Using a 360 x 200 or larger hoop, hoop the fabric with tear away stabilizer. You want the middle vertical line centered in the hoop and the horizontal center line to be ½” from the bottom of the hoop.


Load the design.  Touch "Go" to move to the Embroidery Stitch Out screen. Open design positioning,  On the Epic, touch #1 on the bottom left of the screen, and move the locked point (+) to the bottom center of the design.

Touch # 2. Looking at the hoop, move the design down so it is a ¼” above the horizonal center line and centered on the vertical line.  Touch OK to move back to Embroidery Stitch Out.  Stitch out the design. The last color in the design is a stippling stitch around the satin stitches.  Marsha did not use this stipplig stitch in her quilt. Depending on your design, you may choose to stitch this last color, skip it altogether, or stitch it later though all of the layers of your quilt when the batting and back fabric is in place. 


When finished, unhoop your fabric and rotate the fabric 45 degrees so the next vertical line becomes your center. The new horizonal line should be ¼” above the bottom of the hoop just like it was when you stitched out the first design.   Every second design is on the bias so as you hoop take care not to stretch the fabric vertically.

When in Embroidery Stitch Out, open Design Positioning.  This time, the locked point needs to be positioned not only ¼” from the bottom line, but also line up with the edges of the first design.  Please note that the lines you drew on the fabric at the start are just a guide. If you have to move the design left or right of center to make it line up with the first design, do it. After stitching out the second design you will start to see the overall pattern coming together.

Before 2nd stitch out                                             After 2nd stitch out
before2ndStitchOut.jpg                                                       After2ndStitchOut.jpg

Watch the video on Design Positioning  I made to get a closer view and better understanding of how Design Positioning works. 
Continue to rehoop until all 8 sections are stitched out on the fabric.  The design is beautiful and completely customisable. Add borders, flying geese, or design an entirely new quilt around this beautiful embroidery - it is all up to you! 
In my next blog, I will show you how you can stitch this design even easier.  Creating your own beautiful tile designs is only a click away!


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