EDEN ROSE™ Accessories


Use the Gathering Foot that come with the EDEN ROSE™ sewing machine to make accessories in no time!

The Presser Foot Kit contains three optional presser feet for specialty sewing:

Gathering foot
Gather fabric or gather and attach a ruffle in one-step.

Clear piping foot
Create piping and easily insert it into seams and edges.

Braiding foot
Couch or stitch braid or cord for decorative embellishment.


We hope this project we've made help inspire some sewing ideas for you!

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christy woodbridge
I have the Eden Rose and find that an instructional video would be very helpful (e.g.using the Fix function at the beginning and end of a seam--can't find the information. )
Any help will be most appreciated, thank you.
Christy Woodbridge
5/30/2015 5:17:10 AM

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