Small embroideries creating big effects

Posted by Lena Kantis
First let me show you, the new Christmas Lace kit. Last year when I was in China, I bought my self a small Christmas tree,and I realized the Christmas Lace designs I did embroider was a bit too big for my small tree. I did ask the Embroidery design center what if they could possibly consider making some smaller Christmas Lace embroideries, 
Now- Voilà here they are!!! I am happy, happy!

If you want to decorate the Christmas Tree ornaments like above.
You need to do like this: When they Christmas Lace has been rinsed from the Water soluble stabilizer. You need to let it dry on the ornaments. When it has dried, you can glue it with a textile glue. Finally add some crystals! Beautiful. You can add it on other things as well, I am thinking on candle light holder and things like that.

PDF file with supply list.


Felting, the newest technique! Fun, fun, fun! I have sewn a few of the very small felting flowers. I sort of fell in love with them as we used them in the "Create Holiday Magic" projects. See how we used them in the rustic setting in the barn, the main picture of this week. I will use mine as below, as napkin rings. I think that will look very cute with small pieces fro of my winter green bushes in the garden.


PDF file with supply list.

See our Facebook page, there is now a coupon with 50 off at 

Some words to think about:


Happy Sewing!

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Thank you for such a great idea. merry Christmas.
12/12/2014 6:07:38 PM

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