Decorative Collars

Posted by Carina Thavelin

You can see many variations of collars/necklaces in the stores. Made from pearls, buttons or lace. Here are two versions that are really easy to create:

The Peter Pan collar with buttons.
As you've seen I really love buttons, it's one of my favorite things to decorate with. When I found this easy pattern for a collar on one of the Swedish web-shops for fabric, Stoff och Stil, I knew I wanted to add buttons. I had a stash of green buttons I could use. 

I sewed the collar in green scrap fabric, added a matching bias binding and then it was time for the buttons. A perfect tool for that is one of my favorite feet, Button Foot with Placement Tool. It holds the button nicely in place while sewing it with the Automatic Button Sewing Stitch (B1:16 on Designer Diamond deLuxe).





The white collar is embroidered and from the collection #177 Fashion Illusions , a collection with different elements you can add to a garment like belts, pockets, collars and bows etc.

Have fun!

Kram Carina

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