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In my last blog post I mentioned that I heard that someone in the office had created teddybears. I was hoping to find a nice sample of it. Unfortunately there wasn't anything created, just the idea. But I found something even better, a whole document full of inspiration. I didn't know to much about it BUT it is actually included on the cd that you get in the box.

There are a wide variety of pictures, from graphical pattern to flowers and animals!

First I wanted to make the teddybears but then I saw the pig and fell in love with it. This is such an easy and fun way of creating a decoration for kids. Could be a pillow, wallhanging, a blanket...whatever you feel like.




The size of the circle needed is shown in the drawings so it's really easy to follow. I first sew on the circles with a straight stitch and then add a 7mm satin stitch on top of it. I don't even have to guide the fabric, the Circular Attachment does that for me. And by using the Start/Stop function it's almost like embroidering.


I made a little extra effort on the ears, by using the Tapering feature in 45 degrees I got a really nice corner.









It is always nice to add some kind of trim to the edges, so I created a piping by using the Mega Piping Foot. I think this is a perfect size of piping for a pillow.

One tip; If you want to get a nice 90 degree corner, cut the seam allowance before you turn the corner.

The final result, Kersin, our Sewing Specialist, as a pig! :) I couldnt resist adding the back of the pig and a tail!










I had some much fun creating this pig pillow...I'm already planning the next animal for my zoo

Kram Carina

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