Circular Attachment

Posted by Carina Thavelin

Have you seen the new Circular Attachment that just got launched? I think this is one of the most creative accessories we have launched in a long time. I know it all started with a request for a tool to make perfect circles but it has grown to become so much more.
You can create circles, flowers and more only your imagination is the limit. I have only played with it for a few hours and this is what I have created so far….


The star circle top
I don’t know where I got my idea with the star and circle, it might have been something with a bulls eye…
I’m very much into stars right now, just love the shape of them. This was a nice way to combine the two. I cut out and added fusible web to the back of the star and then ironed it on the fabric.

It’s important to find the exact center of the star and then you just sew straight stitch circles with the circular attachment. Then I made a simple oversize top from the fabric.



I just wanted to try out the different decorative stitches with the circular attachment so I created a pillow with applique circles and stitches. It’s not really done yet but soon…

I know that several colleagues have tried it and created wonderful flowers, circles, and even teddybears? :) I haven't seen them yet but hope to show you soon.

For more inspiration and information, check out page with more information and the on-line accessory catalogue info.

Kram Carina

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